MetricNet’s Service Desk Benchmark for Medical Care

If you work as an IT Service and Support professional in the medical care industry, you are all too familiar with the challenges of the profession.  Doctors and nurses that need help…right away!  Hospitals, urgent care facilities, and administrative offices spread over a wide geographic area!  And a huge variety of devices and equipment that require on-demand support!  The simple fact is this… You have the most demanding job in the service and support industry…period!

The requirements for IT service and support in the medical care industry are so diverse, demanding, and challenging, that MetricNet has developed a custom service desk benchmark for professionals just like you!

We invite you to participate in this first of a kind benchmark for IT Service and Support Professionals in the medical care industry.  Simply follow the steps below to participate:

1. Review the Benchmarking FAQ and Fact Sheet.*  Download here.

*In order to view the PDF attachments, you will need to save the file to your computer.

2. Watch the informational briefing for the benchmark and download the PDF.

3. Review the Sample Deliverables.  You can download them here.

4. Purchase and pay for your benchmark here.

If you have any questions about MetricNet’s Service Desk Benchmark for Medical Care, please contact MetricNet at 703-992-8160, or complete the form below.