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Session 404: Benchmarks from the World of Enterprise Service Management

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Enterprise service management (ESM) is changing the landscape of corporations worldwide. The concept is pretty straightforward: much as IT services are managed according to the 50-year-old discipline of IT service management (ITSM), you can manage non-IT enterprise services, such as HR, facilities, and security, by using a similar set of principles and frameworks.

Effective management of ESM requires both tactical and strategic metrics. The tactical metrics tell you how well you’re executing, while your strategic metrics indicate whether you’re executing against the right objectives, such as maximizing ROI, optimizing your channel mix, preventing tickets, and maturing your industry best practices. For any ESM organization that’s interested in doing the right thing and doing things right, the strategic metrics of ESM are critical to success. In this session, Jeff Rumburg will share the industry’s latest benchmarks on ESM, talk about the critical differences between ESM and ITSM, and discuss the top strategic KPIs of ESM that your team should consider.

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