2020 Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention Report


In this 100+ page report:
369 respondents
8 core employee retention topics
140+ verbatim quotes from respondents

See sample pages, questions addressed, and the table of contents in the description below.


Learn the state of employee engagement for 8 core topics including Work/Life Balance, Atmosphere, Training Opportunities, eNPS, Feedback and Coaching, Career Pathing and Advancement, Overall Job Satisfaction, and Gamification and Productivity. Survey results are synthesized as a whole as well as by role (i.e., customer facing or non-customer facing), time on job, annual household income, age range and by industry (e.g., Consumer Products/Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Travel/Hospitality, etc.).

First, we asked respondents how strongly they agreed or disagreed with the following statements:

My position allows me to balance work life with personal life.

The working atmosphere is usually optimistic and positive.

There are adequate resources available (i.e. training opportunities, tools, technology) to help me perform my job effectively.

I would recommend my job/employer to a friend or colleague as a quality place to work.

I receive regular feedback on my performance and the coaching I receive helps me improve the service I provide.

I am optimistic about opportunities for advancement in the company where I work.

Overall, I am satisfied with my job.

Second, we asked respondents to tell us the top three factors important to their overall job satisfaction (e.g., Coaching & Training, Compensation & Benefits, Tools or Technology, etc.).

Third, we asked respondents what could or should employers focus on to improve overall job satisfaction. Their responses may surprise you. This was a free form field that has been synthesized into the top 9 responses, but to ensure you get the most contextual information, we also included more than 140 verbatim quotes (e.g., “There are far too many meetings. They are largely unproductive and distracting. It leaves me with little time to get my work done. Eliminating these unnecessary meetings will allow me to get my job done with less stress.”)

Finally, we asked respondents if they would be more productive and get better results if their work were more game-like.

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