2020 State of CX | US Consumer Report on the Customer Experience


In this 100+ page report:
1,073 respondents
18+ questions addressed
200+ verbatim quotes from respondents

Learn how customer expectations have changed as a result of the pandemic, which industries provide the best customer experience, which industries provide the worst, what customers feel are the most important factors when determining whether do to business with a company, how CX impacts customer loyalty, and what customers find frustrating about customer service! Additionally, learn how much time respondents are saving on daily commutes by working remotely, if they would prefer to continue to work remotely, and more! Finally, we provide a breakdown of responses by age range and by annual household income.

See sample pages, questions addressed, and the table of contents in the description below.


This report addresses a number of key questions including:

How have customer expectations changed as a result of the pandemic?

Which industries provide the best customer experience? The worst?

Why do consumers feel that these industries are the best or the worst? This report contains more than 200 verbatim responses!

How does CX impact customer loyalty?

How much commute time per day is saved by working remotely?

Once restrictions are lifted, what percentage of individuals currently working remotely would like to continue to strictly work from home? Strictly work in the office? A blend of both?

What factor(s) are the most important when consumers are choosing to do business with a company or brand? Price? Convenience? Quality? Personalization? Ease of doing business? Something else?

What frustrates consumers most when they contact customer service?

What channels do consumers prefer to use? Did social media, voice assistants like Alexa, SMS Text messaging, or WhatsApp make the list?

Should your CX strategy vary based on the age or annual household income of the customer? Absolutely! This report calls out key considerations by age group and income bracket.

Will consumers go out of their way to purchase from brands with an exceptional customer experience?

What happens after one bad experience? Will customers churn?

How about more than one bad experience? Is there a difference in the potential for customer churn?

When contacting customer service, what do customers expect the representative to know or have access to?

For the answers to these questions and more, download MetricNet’s 2020 US Consumer Study on the Customer Experience!

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