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Inbound Channel Mix Metrics
Voice % of Total
Chat % of Total
Web Ticket/Email % of Total
Walk-Up “Genius Bar” % of Total
Self-Help % of Total

Cost Metrics
Average Cost per Voice Contact
Average Cost per Chat Session
Average Cost per Web Ticket/Email Contact
Average Cost per Analyst Assisted Contact (voice, chat, and email/web)
Average Cost per Contact (all contacts, including Self-Help)
Average Cost per Voice Minute
Average Cost per Chat Minute
Average Cost per Web Ticket/Email Minute

Total Cost of Ownership Metric
Net First Level Resolution Rate

Handle Time Metrics
Inbound Voice Handle Time (minutes)
Outbound Voice Handle Time (minutes)
Chat Handle Time (minutes)
Web Ticket/Email Handle Time (minutes)

Voice Quality Metrics
Voice Customer Satisfaction
Net First Contact Resolution Rate
Call Quality

Voice Productivity Metrics
Voice Analyst Utilization
Inbound Voice Contacts per Analyst per Month
Voice, Chat, and Email Analysts as a % of Total
Service Desk Headcount

Voice SLA Metrics
Average Speed of Answer (seconds)
Call Abandonment Rate
% Answered in 60 Seconds

Analyst Metrics
Annual Analyst Turnover
Daily Analyst Absenteeism
Analyst Schedule Adherence
Analyst Occupancy
New Analyst Training Hours
Annual Analyst Training Hours
Analyst Tenure (months)
Analyst Job Satisfaction

Chat Metrics
% of Contacts Originating in Chat
% of Contacts Resolved in Chat
Chat First Contact Resolution Rate
% Failover Rate from Chat to Voice
Customer Satisfaction in Chat Channel
Average Concurrent Chat Sessions
Max Concurrent Chat Sessions
Number of Chat Sessions per Chat Analyst per Month

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