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MetricNet Company

MetricNet is more often than not the first company in the industry to identify new trends, developments and inflection points that change the trajectory of the industry.  A perfect example of this is our ROI model for service and support, which has empowered many organizations to break free from the reactive firefighting mentality which prevails in much of the industry, and transform themselves into strategic, and integral components of the business.

We offer a number of products and services including, but not limited to, service desk, desktop support, and contact center benchmarking; procurement assistance for organizations looking to outsource service and support; ethical competitive intelligence and mystery shopping; industry trends and best practices analyses; and deep dive topic specific research corresponding to a specific business case.

MetricNet’s expertise provides our clients with valuable insights and information that they can use to enhance their performance and achieve a superior or favorable long-term position over competitors.

For more information about MetricNet and the products and services we offer, please download our complete company profile here.

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