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About us

MetricNet is dedicated to helping business people worldwide manage their organizations more efficiently and effectively.  By providing benchmarks, performance metrics, scorecards and business data to Information Technology and Call Center Professionals, MetricNet enables you to:

  • Benchmark your performance vs. other companies inside and outside of your industry
  • Track and trend your organization’s performance
  • Improve your performance using diagnostic benchmarks
  • Establish performance targets that are in line with industry averages or best practices
  • Drive accountability for key personnel using metrics-based performance goals
  • Demonstrate measurable performance improvement over time


MetricNet provides a range of benchmarking options to meet any organization’s needs and budgetary constraints. These include downloadable industry benchmarks, benchmarking data files, and proprietary peer group benchmarks.

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Every month, MetricNet presents a live training webcast. Thousands of professionals attend each year and many of our clients have their entire teams attend. These events are a great way to boost Annual Agent Training Hours! Topics include Service Desk Best Practices and KPIs, Desktop Support Best Practices and KPIs, Call Center Best Practices and KPIs and more.

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We have developed an extensive resource library filled with free training materials for Information Technology and Call Center professionals. Each resource is available to download in PDF format.

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Our Clients

Since 1988, we have had the pleasure to work with companies large and small from virtually every industry sector.

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Thousands of Customers Trust MetricNet

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