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MetricNet’s Impact in Action

Below you will find a collection of MetricNet case studies, where we showcase the transformative impact of our consultancy expertise and benchmarking database across various industries. Each case study is a testament to our commitment to excellence, highlighting how our tailored solutions and strategic insights have driven significant improvements and successes for our clients.

IT Support Outsourcing

MetricNet’s involvement transformed IT support outsourcing for a leading global insurance company. Faced with low customer satisfaction and high agent turnover, the company, guided by MetricNet’s benchmark findings and RFP best practices, re-competed its contract. The outcome was a new vendor agreement leading to top-quartile improvements in customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, and agent morale within six months. This strategic shift also resulted in a nearly 30% reduction in support costs, saving the company about $11 million annually. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

MSP Business Pursuit

MetricNet’s expertise played a crucial role in a Managed Service Provider’s successful pursuit of a $61 million IT support contract with a major food and beverage company. Leveraging our insights, the MSP effectively tackled the client’s challenges including escalating costs and subpar service, offering a comprehensive proposal with a strong ROI focus and advanced AI solutions. Their proposal stood out among six competitors for its pragmatic approach to customer issues and a well-defined value proposition. Following the contract award, the MSP swiftly achieved and maintained high performance standards, a testament to MetricNet’s guidance in fostering continuous improvement and operational excellence. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Land and Expand from IT Support

MetricNet’s role was key in guiding a mid-market outsourcer to win and excel in a major IT support contract with one of North America’s largest regional banks. Our expertise in benchmarking and performance optimization helped the outsourcer not only secure the service desk and desktop support contract but also significantly improve service levels and customer satisfaction. This performance led to the outsourcer expanding their services to include NOC and application development, resulting in a 500% increase in their annual sales with the bank. The bank recognized the outsourcer’s reliability and the marked improvement in IT support, highlighting MetricNet’s effectiveness in driving operational excellence and client success. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Going Global with Service Desk Expansion

MetricNet’s consultation played a key role in a North American service provider’s expansion to a global scale, serving a major package delivery company. After excelling in North America and winning the “Outstanding IT Partner of the Year” award, the provider successfully bid for a new contract to support customers in Europe and Latin America. This expansion led to the creation of three support hubs in North America, Eastern Europe, and Central America, expanding their footprint internationally. MetricNet’s involvement in benchmarking and continuous improvement significantly contributed to this success, enabling the provider to serve multiple clients across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This growth was largely credited to the provider’s strong performance and dedication to quality service. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Luxury Retailer’s Transformation through Benchmarking

MetricNet’s expertise played a pivotal role in transforming a luxury retailer’s customer support operations, leading to significant improvements in service quality and efficiency. Initially challenged by low quality, poor performance, and low morale, the retailer lacked a clear value proposition and understanding of its Return on Investment (ROI). Through MetricNet’s strategic involvement, the retailer not only articulated its value proposition but also gained a profound understanding of its ROI. Key outcomes included a more than 10% improvement in First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction, a reduction in cost per ticket by over 5% resulting in annual savings of over $100,000, and a staggering $15M annual return through enhanced end-user productivity. This remarkable turnaround, culminating in an ROI of over 700%, was a direct result of MetricNet’s benchmarking and continuous improvement strategies, fundamentally reshaping the retailer’s approach to customer service and setting a new standard in luxury retail customer support. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Major Airline transforms Customer Support through benchmarking

In a significant transformation led by MetricNet’s benchmarking expertise, a major airline dramatically improved its customer support operations. Initially struggling with below-average Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, the airline faced challenges with low adoption in chat and self-help channels, coupled with long wait times for voice support and mounting pressure to reduce costs. Through the implementation of MetricNet’s benchmarking strategies, the airline achieved remarkable outcomes: a $3.00 reduction in Cost per Contact, a more than 400% increase in adoption rates for chat and self-help channels, and a 50% reduction in Average Speed of Answer (ASA). Moreover, the airline improved its process maturity to align with industry best practice standards, achieving World-Class Performance in less than a year. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Large Retail Bank Achieves World-Class Performance

Faced with outdated technology, weak metrics and reporting, and a below-average Interactive Voice Response (IVR) containment rate, the bank was in dire need of an overhaul. Through the implementation of MetricNet’s benchmarking solutions, the bank achieved significant milestones: a 10% reduction in abandoned calls, elevation of IVR containment to industry-best levels, and a near 100-second reduction in Average Speed of Answer (ASA). Additionally, the bank saw marked improvements in Agent Job Satisfaction and morale, leading to reduced turnover and absenteeism. These changes not only enhanced operational efficiency but also propelled the bank to achieve World-Class performance in less than a year. This success story highlights the critical role of effective benchmarking and strategic planning in revitalizing customer service in the banking sector. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Transforms Outsourced Support

The transformation of a consumer electronics manufacturer’s outsourced support center is a prime example of the impact of MetricNet’s benchmarking expertise. Initially, the support center was underperforming, characterized by high costs and low First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, functioning merely as a “log and dispatch” service desk. The introduction of MetricNet’s benchmarking led to a strategic contract renegotiation, resulting in a more than 12% reduction in vendor prices. This pivotal move, coupled with enhanced operational strategies, led to a 50% decrease in agent turnover and a significant improvement in FCR, nearly reaching 90%. Additionally, customer satisfaction soared to 92%, and the Average Speed of Answer (ASA) dropped by more than 30 seconds. These remarkable improvements underscore the effectiveness of MetricNet’s benchmarking in transforming customer support operations, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and significantly improved customer satisfaction in the competitive field of consumer electronics. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

IT CUSO transforms Service Delivery with Benchmarking

Initially faced with demands for lower costs, improved Average Speed of Answer (ASA), and higher Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) from credit union partners, the CUSO was challenged by weak metrics and reporting discipline, along with a poorly communicated value proposition. Implementing MetricNet’s benchmarking solutions, the CUSO achieved impressive outcomes: a 13% improvement in First Level Resolution Rate, a 16% increase in First Contact Resolution, and an over 50% reduction in ASA. Additionally, there was a 9% reduction in Cost per Contact and a 140% increase in user self-help, culminating in a measurable ROI in excess of 200%. These significant improvements not only met but exceeded partner expectations, demonstrating the power of focused benchmarking and strategic improvements in enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency in the financial services sector. Download the PDF and schedule a no obligation consultation call for more information.

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