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The Economics of IT and Call Center Benchmarking

Benchmarks cost too much. That’s right… they’re simply too expensive! That’s why I created MetricNet. MetricNet is built on the principle that benchmarks are an indispensable tool that should be affordable to all managers.

As a veteran of several benchmark consultancies, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to benchmarking. Too often, companies pay far too much, and receive far too little for their benchmarking dollar. Why? Because the prevailing business model for benchmarking is broken. Or perhaps more accurately, it never really worked to begin with.

The problem with most benchmarks is that they contain too little data, outdated data, and involve benchmarking comparisons that are invalid. Lacking accurate data and benchmarking comparisons, most benchmarks understandably also lack credibility. The result is that the vast majority of benchmarks do not deliver the business benefits that are promised.

MetricNet has resolved these issues, and pioneered a completely new approach to benchmarking. Through MetricNet’s syndicated benchmarking services, our clients are typically benchmarked against 30 or more comparable peers both inside and outside of their industry. Moreover, because our benchmarking peer groups are so large, our clients benefit from economies of scale that simply don’t exist elsewhere in the industry. MetricNet’s benchmarks contain far more data, are more statistically valid, and are typically priced an order of magnitude less than other available benchmarks! It’s a win-win for MetricNet and its clients!

If you’re tired of paying too much, and receiving too little for your benchmarking dollar, I invite you to take a closer look at MetricNet. Our flagship Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Call Center Benchmarks offer the best value in the industry.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much your benchmarking dollar will buy at MetricNet!

Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner

IT and Call Center Benchmarking | Jeff Rumburg

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