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Service Center Benchmark

For Human Resources

The requirements for an HR Service Center are so diverse, demanding, and challenging, that MetricNet has developed a custom benchmark for professionals just like you!

If you work as a Service Center professional in Human Resources, you are all too familiar with the challenges of the profession.

bulletHigh call volumes with a wide variety of individualized inquiries!

bulletComp and benefits calls that are often urgent!

bulletNew hires spread over a wide geographic area!

bulletLOA requests that can be complex and time consuming to process!

bulletAnd the ever present need to protect sensitive employee information!

The simple fact is this…

You have the most demanding job in Human Resources…period!

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Please contact MetricNet for information on the next briefing.

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If you have any questions about MetricNet’s Contact Center Benchmark for Human Resources, please contact MetricNet at 703-992-8160, or complete the form here.

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