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Our Partners

MetricNet has entered into a limited number of strategic partnerships with ITSM organizations that we believe to be the best in the industry.  They include:

Service Desk Institute (SDI) – Inspiring the Global Service Desk Industry to be Brilliant

For over 30 years SDI has worked with service desk professionals and organisations around the world to support their service improvement and transformation journeys. First introduced in 2000, the SDI’s Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desks is the only globally recognized standard created specifically for service desks. This comprehensive global standard is suitable for any service desk seeking to understand its level of maturity and rapidly improve its performance and quality of service deliveryIt is particularly relevant to IT organizations undergoing significant business or structural change and those seeking to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. 

Partnership News

MetricNet, SDI Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance and Empower the Global Service Desk Industry 

QSTAC® – Next-Gen Data and Actionable Insights

QSTAC® data empowers internal IT teams to give employees the best IT service they’ve ever had. The result has been the same from startups to the Fortune 100: Increased employee experience and productivity, and lowered attrition company-wide. Companies whose IT Teams use QSTAC provide customer-centric IT Support on a whole new level. On average, workforce productivity company wide increases 2-5% and employe engagement goes up by 10% within the first year. Perhaps more importantly, QSTAC allows your IT team to define and achieve what world class support is for your company, and work towards the goal of being an industry leader at what they do every day. Who doesn’t want to be the best?

Partnership News

Jeff Rumburg Appointed to QSTAC’s Advisory Board

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