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Session 606: Artificial Intelligence in Service and Support: The Future Is Finally Here!

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Promises of bot-powered agentless support, problems that automatically correct themselves, and preemptive problem resolution—the holy grail of service and support—have gone largely unfulfilled until recently. But artificial intelligence in IT service and support is at an inflection point. There are now numerous examples of large enterprises that have harnessed the power of AI to reduce ticket volumes and resolution times, and improve the customer experience – all while getting smarter over time through machine learning.

Massive computing power, combined with data science, has allowed for mining insights that would otherwise escape even the most experienced IT support professional. All the data that has been sitting, largely unused, for years or even decades in ITSM systems, knowledge bases, phone systems, remote control tools, and other technologies can now be unlocked by data science to produce actionable insights that yield the long-awaited benefits of AI!

In this case study, Jeff Rumburg will share how one large insurance company leveraged AI to shift left, improve the customer experience, and dramatically reduce their costs. Additionally, he’ll define metrics for AI, provide industry benchmarks for the metrics of AI, and share a template for measuring the ROI of AI in service and support.

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