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MetricNet is honored and excited to be presenting at the annual Support World Live Conference in Las Vegas, NV! This year, Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet, presented:

Session 303: Tech Support Engineers in an AI World

Wednesday, May 3 at 3:45 PM 

IT service and support has historically operated very reactively, fighting fires day in and day out, while doing their best to maintain service levels. This “all reactive, all the time” approach to doing business is a vicious cycle – continuous improvement is virtually impossible because you’re too busy dealing with the urgency of the moment!

AI breaks the cycle of reactivity and allows you to operate more proactively and strategically. While you are busy managing day-to-day support activities, AI is working in the background to identify and eliminate problems, uncover process inefficiencies, improve knowledge and problem management, and benchmark individual and group performance.

In this session, you’ll learn from those who’ve successfully undertaken the transformation to a World of AI and find out how it leads to a class of tech support engineers with skills far beyond what’s typically been seen in service and support. If you’ve imagined a day when you can operate more strategically, and advance your support organization to the next level, AI is here to make that happen. For support professionals who can adapt to the new demands of a support engineer, the future has never been brighter!

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