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10 Success Factors for Service Desk Agents on Udemy

Over a 30-year career in IT service and support, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with several thousand service desks as a consultant, speaker, writer, and course instructor.

I’ve learned over these many years that the industry’s most successful service desk agents have 10 behaviors in common that make them extraordinarily successful and enable them to achieve their full potential as IT support professionals.

As the author and instructor for the 10 Success Factors for Service Desk Agents Udemy training course, I will be sharing these success factors with you in a way that allows you to immediately put them to work in your own job and career. These success principles are surprisingly simple, yet enormously effective. You can expect to see benefits in your job performance and career success in days, if not hours.

There are no course prerequisites. All that’s required is a willingness to learn and adopt these proven success behaviors. I designed this course for any service desk analyst, agent, or technician who is in a customer facing position regardless of your experience level.

Whether you work in chat, voice, email, the web or any other channel, these success factors will put you on a fast track to better performance and greater career success.

This course is designed in 10 modules, each representing one proven success factor, and addresses topics such as career path, leadership, metrics, and training. Feel free to look through the course description, and we look forward to seeing you inside. Thank you.

– Jeff Rumburg, Course Instructor

Agents are the lifeblood of the service desk and their success is inextricably linked to your success!

Pre-pandemic, the top three drivers of agent job satisfaction and engagement were coaching, career pathing, and training hours.

Post pandemic, things have changed somewhat. The key drivers now include rewards and recognition, accountability and feedback, work-life balance, career pathing, training, upskilling and cross skilling.

The key to retaining top talent today is to invest in their success from day 1! That’s why we created this new training course focused specifically on agent success.

Enroll your agents today! It’s a win – win – win for the agents that work in the service desk, the leaders that manage the team, and the customers you serve!

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