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MetricNet’s benchmarking database shows that the average Agent Satisfaction for service desks worldwide is about 77%.  That is, 77% of service desk agents are either satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs.  This number varies from a low of 44%, to a high of 97%.

Agent Job Satisfaction is usually measured through annual or semi-annual satisfaction surveys.  These surveys typically contain ten or fewer questions, and can be automated using simple online tools such as Survey Monkey.  MetricNet recommends a five point scale, where a score of 5 represents Very Satisfied, and a score of 1 represents Very Dissatisfied.  Given the impact of training, coaching, and career pathing on Agent Satisfaction, the survey should include a question about each of these.  Please see the image below for an example. Click the image to download as a PDF.

Sample Agent Job Satisfaction Survey MetricNet

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