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MetricNet offers a benchmarking solution for virtually every Call Center worldwide. We offer continuous improvement initiatives, instantly downloadable reports, comprehensive peer group benchmarking, as well as call center benchmarking data for those who wish to perform an in-house benchmarking analysis. Below is a brief overview of each call center benchmarking solution along with links to download sample deliverables. Find answers to commonly asked questions on the FAQ page.

One Year Path to World-Class Performance for Call Centers

Designed as a continuous Improvement Program, MetricNet’s One Year Path to World-Class Performance initiative, includes an initial Call Center benchmark and ROI calculation, development of a Call Center balanced scorecard, Call Center metrics training and a second Call Center benchmark and ROI calculation.


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Downloadable Call Center Benchmarks

MetricNet’s instantly downloadable Call Center benchmarks provide valuable industry data that your organization can use to begin improving performance right away! Click here to browse our online library of Call Center industry benchmarks.  Choose the benchmark that best meets your needs.  Then order and instantly download your benchmark!


Benchmarking Data for Call Centers

For those Call Center professionals who wish to conduct their own benchmarking analysis, MetricNet offers benchmarking data files in Excel format.


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Call Center Peer Group Benchmarks

MetricNet’s peer group benchmarks compare your Call Center performance to a unique peer group of similar organizations. Our peer group benchmarks are the most comprehensive in the industry, and are customized to meet your needs! Your peer group will be selected from our extensive database of Call Centers based upon your organization’s scope, scale, complexity, and geography.


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Additional Information

MetricNet offers Cost Benchmarks for organizations operating an internal, in-house Call Centers, as well as Price Benchmarks for organizations that have outsourced or are contemplating outsourcing their Call Center. Learn which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are included in each type of benchmark by clicking here.

Join the growing number of Call Centers worldwide who rely upon MetricNet’s benchmarking solutions to achieve World-Class performance. We look forward to serving you!

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