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MetricNet is honored and excited to have presented at FUSION 14 in Washington, D.C!  Over 450 speaker proposals were submitted for the FUSION 14 Conference & Expo, making the selection process the most competitive ever. See the highlights!

Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner at MetricNet, presented:

Session 302 – “Optimizing the Tradeoff: Cost vs. Quality in Service and Support”.

Cost vs. quality: It’s a perennial issue in technical service and support. Drive your costs too low, and you risk sacrificing the quality of service. Conversely, if you push quality too high (yes, that’s possible!), then you drive your costs through the roof. Understanding the cost/quality tradeoff is the most critical step toward optimizing your support model. Using data from more than 300 benchmarks worldwide, Jeff Rumburg will illustrate how top-performing service and support organizations strike an appropriate balance between the cost of service delivery and the quality of support provided. He’ll share simple yet powerful techniques that will enable organizations to pinpoint their position on the cost vs. quality curve, determine if higher (or lower) quality is justified, reduce costs without sacrificing quality, and improve quality without increasing costs. Finally, he’ll share an interactive scorecard that organizations can use to determine whether service and support has been optimized, and, if it hasn’t, to identify the tangible steps needed to achieve an optimized support model.

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Session 302-Jeff Rumburg Optimizing the Tradeoff: Cost vs. Quality in Service and Support

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