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Jeff Rumburg to Speak at FUSION 15

Mr. Rumburg will be presenting Session 702, “The Changing Landscape of Continuous Improvement”. This session will present two case studies from prominent companies that have implemented real-time benchmarking with their SaaS ITSM tools. It will document their paths from relative immaturity to world-class performance.


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Upcoming Webcast

Benchmarking Roundup: Summary of 2015 Service and Support Benchmarks | Presented with RightStar

In this session, Jeff Rumburg will share the results of MetricNet’s 2015 Global Benchmarking Initiative for Service and Support, discuss the methodology, define the KPIs used for benchmarking, and share performance data from more than 140 companies worldwide.


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Metric of the Month

ROI of Support: Part 1

This month we begin a two part series on Return on Investment for service and support. In part 1 I define how value is created in IT service and support. Next month, in part 2, I will go through a case study that calculates the ROI for a particular support organization.


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