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The pursuit of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement programs is high on most Call Center and IT Service Desk agendas, yet most still fail to understand the totality of customer expectations and therefore deliver services that miss the mark. Fewer than than 25% of enterprises have institutionalized a successful customer satisfaction measurement and management system that works.

The fact is, most of the investments in customer satisfaction research made annually by Call Centers and IT Service Desks are no better prepared in predicting future actions of users than a Richter Scale is in predicting how severe an earthquake will be. Both tell you what has happened, but neither tells you what will happen.

This begs the question of what is wrong with “most” customer satisfaction programs today? Simply put, they are not measuring what organizations think they are measuring. An effective, useful customer satisfaction program must contain a component that monitors the shifting values of its customers.

Based on MetricNet’s empirical observations from more than 1,700 benchmarks, attendees of this session will learn:

• 10 frequent errors in customer satisfaction measurement that could make continuous improvement an impossibility

• Why attaining “satisfied” customers isn´t good enough

• How Call Centers and IT Service Desks can create a continuous process for improving the customer experience

• What most CSAT programs really measure

• Why some Call Centers and IT Service Desks may be very responsive, supportive, and efficient and still have a negative perception among their customer community

Audience members will come away from the session with a number of action items, including:

• Best Practices for obtaining accurate information on customers and overcoming the typical hurdles of historical customer satisfaction programs

• World-class strategies for maximizing customer enthusiasm, measuring the voice of your customers and detecting the value shifts of your user population

• How to break out of “rear view mirror ” analysis mode and start implementing forward-looking strategies

• The proper techniques for incorporating statistically valid samples, confidence levels and error rates with surveys

• How best to minimize the gap between customer perception and the performance reality of Call Centers and IT Service Desks

Date: Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT (GMT – 4:00)
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Angela Irizarry

Angela Irizarry joined MetricNet in early 2013. In her current role as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, she assists MetricNet’s CEO in managing the Company’s day-to-day operating activities, short-term and long-range strategic planning and new client acquisition. Additionally, she is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the Company’s sales and marketing efforts as well as managing MetricNet’s intellectual property, online best practices library, web projects and e-commerce shop. Angela is a versatile and results-oriented professional with nearly 15 years of business development and marketing experience across a multitude of industries globally. Prior to joining MetricNet she held various leadership positions in the Property Management and Retail industries where she was known for her strong track record of sales growth, marketing foresight and creative problem solving.

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