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Abandonment rate measures the time, in seconds, before a caller or a chat customer abandons a contact.  They may abandon in mere seconds, or after several minutes of waiting.   

The vast majority of support organizations count all abandoned contacts, regardless of the time to abandon.   

Ideally chat and voice abandonment rates should be tracked separately, as any significant difference between the two abandonment rates could indicate an imbalance in staffing between the two channels.  

Why is this important? 

Although everyone wants a low abandonment rate, many set targets for this metric that are too aggressive.  The result is that costs go up because more staff is needed to keep the abandonment rate low. 

But a low abandonment rate does not necessarily lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.  

The real driver of customer satisfaction is first contact resolution rate, not abandonment rate. So, while customers are unlikely to penalize you for an occasional abandoned call, they are far less forgiving of calls that are not resolved on first contact. 

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Angela Irizarry

Angela Irizarry joined MetricNet in early 2013. In her current role as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, she assists MetricNet’s CEO in managing the Company’s day-to-day operating activities, short-term and long-range strategic planning and new client acquisition. Additionally, she is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the Company’s sales and marketing efforts as well as managing MetricNet’s intellectual property, online best practices library, web projects and e-commerce shop. Angela is a versatile and results-oriented professional with nearly 15 years of business development and marketing experience across a multitude of industries globally. Prior to joining MetricNet she held various leadership positions in the Property Management and Retail industries where she was known for her strong track record of sales growth, marketing foresight and creative problem solving.

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