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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev., August 5, 2020 ( – MetricNet has published the results of its 2020 State of CX Survey. The complete 100+ page report is now available for immediate download via MetricNet’s website. This report contains insights from 1,073 US Consumers and more than 200 verbatim quotes from respondents that detail the reasoning behind their selection of the best and worst industries for CX. For over 30 years, organizations from all industries have used MetricNet’s research to selectively adopt and adapt the CX strategies of the industry’s top performers.

“The goal of this survey was to determine how customer expectations were shifting as a result of the pandemic, but it revealed so much more than that.” said Angela Irizarry, President of MetricNet. “Some of the most actionable insights came from the unstructured data – those free-form fields that are often seen as too labor intensive to analyze by traditional market research firms. MetricNet’s analysts leveraged all structured and unstructured data when developing the report, and the corresponding observations and conclusions reflect this holistic approach.”   

The 2020 State of CX Survey from MetricNet addresses a number of key questions including:

  • How have customer expectations changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • Which industries provide the best customer experience? The worst?
  • Why do consumers feel that these industries are the best or the worst? 
  • How does CX impact customer loyalty?
  • How much commute time per day is saved by working remotely?
  • Once restrictions are lifted, what percentage of individuals currently working remotely would like to continue to strictly work from home? 
  • What factor(s) are the most important when consumers are choosing to do business with a company or brand? Price? Quality? Personalization? Ease of doing business? 
  • What frustrates consumers most when they contact customer service?
  • What channels do consumers prefer to use? Did social media, voice assistants like Alexa, SMS Text messaging, or WhatsApp make the list?
  • Should your CX strategy vary based on the age or annual household income of the customer? This report calls out key considerations by age group and income bracket.
  • Will consumers go out of their way to purchase from brands with an exceptional customer experience?
  • What happens after one bad experience? More than one?
  • ​When contacting customer service, what do customers expect the representative to know or have access to?

For more information about this report, please visit or e-mail MetricNet at info(at)metricnet(dot)com.

About MetricNet 

MetricNet is the global leader in IT Service and Support and Contact Center Benchmarking and Performance Improvement Consulting. More than half of the Global 2000 rely on MetricNet benchmarks and best practices advisory to improve and optimize their performance. MetricNet is the first, and still the only company to offer downloadable industry benchmarks from their website. With a global benchmarking database of nearly 4,000 Service and Support benchmarks, MetricNet has the most comprehensive database of process and performance metrics in the industry.

Angela Irizarry

Angela Irizarry is the President and Chief Operating Officer at MetricNet, where she is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and new client acquisition. She also oversees the company's sales and marketing efforts and manages its intellectual property and online resources. Angela has been with the company for 10 years and has over 20 years of experience in business development and strategy. She has been featured in Fortune magazine and has received recognition for her work in competitive and trends analysis from executives at a variety of Fortune 100 companies. Angela is a dynamic and accomplished professional who consistently delivers exceptional results for MetricNet and its clients. She has a wealth of industry experience and a track record of success in driving business results, particularly in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare sectors. Angela is highly skilled in communication, problem-solving, and project management, and is committed to delivering the highest level of service to MetricNet's clients.

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